Friday, July 3, 2015

Parking Restrictions lifted for July 4th Weekend on W 12th Road.


Parking Restrictions on the south side of W12th Road 
have been rescinded and covered and will remain  
covered through Sunday, July 5th  in observance of the July 4th Holiday weekend.

 Parking restrictions will become effective once again effective 6:00 a,m,, Monday morning, July 6th, 2015.

Refer to Community Advisory dated July 2nd, below.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

VFW Pig Roast and BBQ - July 11th

VFW Prince-Wynn Post #260
705 Shad Creek Road
Broad Channel



July 11th, 2014
2:00 pm - 6:00 PM

Adults: $20
Children: $10
[Tykes 4 and under can sneak in free!]

Bring your family and friends and enjoy yet another VFW Post BBQ, replete with the requisite hot dogs, hamburgers, beverages, a great view of the bay and the Manhattan skyline and, of course, a fabulous Pig Roast!

Now before you start thinking to yourself “C'mon, it’s just another BBQ” consider the following. A Pig Roast or “Hog Cooking” as it is often referred to, is an ancient tribal ritual practiced around the world.  Although around these parts the words alone invoke casual summertime pleasure ( the taste of ice cold draft beer, the smell of wafting smoke infused with the aroma of cooking pork, the comfortable feel of a soon to be greasy T-shirt, the ubiquitous summertime sound of flip flops, the constant (and annoying) questions of “is it ready yet?”, etc.) they tend to overshadow the fact that, in reality, a pig roast is an elaborate community affair requiring ingenuity and copious amounts of elbow grease.  

Think about it…you have to dig the pit days before the roast - no easy feat in itself, fire it up in the wee hours on the morning of the roast to get the stones and charcoal hot without burning the block down, dress and wrap the pig and put it on the hot coals without causing burns to yourself or others, bury the pig with insulating dirt and then let it cook low and slow for…..well... the pig will be ready when the pig is ready.  Remember, the pig is in control, not you…the pig abides! 

Of course, then there is the fun part.  You dig up the pig and eat it!  If you have never enjoyed roast pig before, stop by the V.F.W. Saturday, July 11th, and you are in for a special treat. This is not just another BBQ, it’s a PIG ROAST, a veritable sensory overload of pork gone hog wild!  

Of course, in addition to the roast pig there will be the usual BBQ staples of cold beverages, hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixings for those of you who may be too timid to sample a recently unburied cooked dead pig.  And for all you Vegetarians and Vegans out there we will also have the requisite rabbit food - corn, salad and watermelon, but, c’mon…why bother?  $20 for adults, $10 for children and tykes 4 and under can sneak in free!  All are welcome. Don’t miss it!   As always, all proceeds will go to benefit our veterans.


All proceeds will go to benefit our veterans!

Between the Bridges

Between the Bridges: Acronyms for Dummies

Our local Broad Channel V.F.W. Post will be hosting a brunch this Sunday, June 28, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  As I always say, there are so many reasons to love brunch — most importantly is the simple fact that any meal which has a Bloody Mary as its “MVP,” is a meal worth getting up and out for…and the food’s not bad either!  So grab your family and friends this Sunday and come on down for a Bloody Mary or two because a Broad Channel Brunch just wouldn’t be the same without you!
It’s that time again!  The guys and girls at the VFW will be hosting a its 2nd Annual Pig Roast and BBQ  on Saturday, July 11, from 2 pm to 6pm. This is not just another BBQ, it’s a PIG ROAST, a veritable sensory overload of pork gone hog wild!  Of course, in addition to the roast pig there will be the usual BBQ staples of cold beverages, hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixings for those of you who may be too timid to sample a recently unburied cooked dead pig. And for all you vegetarians and vegans out there, we will also have corn, salad and watermelon, but, c’mon…why bother?  $20 for adults, $10 for children and tykes 4 and under can sneak in free! All are welcome. Don’t miss it! And remember, what happens at the pig roast, stays at the pig roast!  As always, all proceeds will go to benefit our veterans.
A few weeks ago during a conversation regarding summertime visitors to Rockaway I remarked to the venerable editor of the Rockaway Times, Kevin Boyle, that I felt a more correct acronym for the term Down for the Day should be DFTD rather than the more commonly accepted usedDFD.  Without missing a beat, Kevin responded, “Well, I guess you’re one of those who chant:  USOA !… USOA !”
As our island community is usually ignored by the aforementioned throngs of beach tourists, I chose not to pursue the issue, deciding to allow those who reside “across the bridge” to continue their use of the abbreviation DFD unfettered by any semblance of logic.  Besides, we here in Broad Channel have our own abbreviations for such weekend visitors who, through no fault of their own, sometimes wind up in Broad Channel.
When cars are backed up from the Cross Bay Bridge to 6th Road because only one cash toll lane is open, I refer to it as DBT, short for Damned Beach Traffic.
When, having been displaced from the subway, scores of people adorned in bathing attire and flip flops are seen confused and wandering slowly westward along Noel Road toward Cross Bay Boulevard with towels, umbrellas, coolers and children in hand, I refer to the assemblage collectively as RSDA, short for Rockaway Shuttle’s Down Again!
As an aside, there are those who complain that the term DFD is somewhat derogatory.  I say, get over it! Better a DFD enjoying the warm sand and cool ocean breezes than to be stuck in a car amidst all that DBT or an RSDA lugging your towels and coolers along Noel Road up to Cross Bay Boulevard to catch a bus.
In closing, as July 4th is right around the corner may I leave you with “USOA!….USOA!” Broad Channel – Why would anyone want to live anywhere else?  See y’all next week.  Comments:

Broad Channel Bits

By Dan Guarino

Mardi Gras season in Broad Channel has begun! This year all funds raised will go to The Broad Channel Athletic Club. The BCAC already has more than a dozen events lined up. In fact you can check last week’s copy of The Wave, where there’s a whole article (with picture!) in the Weekender section. It talks all about this summer’s Mardi Gras events.
While you are there, you’ll also find all kinds of things going on in the Weekender and the Happenings section. Most of it is just across the bridge. Go, enjoy the summer!
Meanwhile right here in BC this Saturday, June 27, there’s a Kiddie Car Wash to kickoff Mardi Gras. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for $7 you can get your car cleaned and help out the BCAC.
Keep an eye on the “BCAC Mardi Gras” Facebook page for more information on upcoming events, like the Booze Cruise on Thursday, July 2 from 7 to 11 p.m. In this case it’s just before the 4th of July holiday weekend. So it is definitely not a school night for most of you grownups out there.
Coming in from Thursday, July 9 to Sunday, July 12, is a Family Summer Festival, which the BCAC is doing with the American Legion.
If it’s anything like the gigantic carnival that was held last year it should be a blast! More to come.
This Sunday, June 28, from 10 to 2, stretch out with a great brunch at the VFW. This is their last brunch for the summer, so you don’t want to miss it.
There will be eggs cooked to order, pancakes, omelets, bacon, sausage, coffee, deserts and more. And definitely try the Garbage Omelet.
Ok, if you don’t know what a garbage omelet is, don’t make that face. It’s great. Remember when you first heard about Grandma Pizza? Then you tried it? Aha!
From July through August the BC Library is hosting free programs every day. On Monday’s at 3 p.m. there will be Science Experiments for ages 6-10. On Tuesdays at 3 there are Crafts for ages 6-10. On Wednesdays Story Time for all ages starts at 2:30 p.m. and then Crafts for 3- to 5-yearolds at 3 p.m. Teen and Tween Crafts are at 3 p.m. Thursdays and Board Games for all ages all day Friday.
Get ready to have some serious fun and do some serious fishing. The Shad Creek Association is having its 21st Annual “It’s A Fluke” Fishing Tournament.
There is a Captain’s Meeting/sign up at the SAC clubhouse, at 529 Cross Bay Blvd., on Thursday, July 9, from 5 on.
The contest starts on Saturday, July 11, at 7 a.m. sharp out on Jamaica Bay and ends at 3 p.m. Weigh-in is at the clubhouse and there will be a BBQ and beverages at the weigh-in party! There will be “cash prizes, a door prize, calcuttas and fun for all.” The entry fee is $30. Or $20 for the BBQ only. All proceeds go to keep the Association going.
For more info or if you have any questions, email ShadCreekAssoc- or call Chris James at 917- 617-5283.
Also coming on Saturday July 11 is the 5th Annual Two Bridges Music Festival. From early till late some of the best musicians from BCRockaway and beyond will be playing in the open air just outside of Grassy’s on Cross Bay Boulevard. It will be a day and night to really enjoy some good summer music.
On Sunday, July 19, Sister Margaret Mary Kimmins, OSF, who grew up in Broad Channel and attended St. Virgilius School will celebrate her golden anniversary as a Sister of St. Francis at a special 12 noon Mass in St. Virgilius Church. ALL are invited. Refreshments will be served after the Mass. Note: 12 p.m. is the only Mass for that Sunday.
Did you know that in October, St. Virgilius will celebrate 100 years of serving our Broad Channelcommunity?
A message from the BC Volies: “The BCVFD wants to remind our neighbors that June 14 was the 98th anniversary of the line of duty death of BCVFD Chief Christian Hoobs. Chief Hoobs was one of the founding members of the Department.
The chief suffered a fatal heart attack returning from a working fire.
Our annual fund drive first sweep of the town was completed in May. As of this date 237 donations were received out of the 936 households in Broad Channel. 25 percent of the town has responded to date. Because this the BCAC Mardi Gras will not be going back out door to door until September but we will be accepting donations via the mail or if you wish to stop by and visit.
Along with the warm weather we’ve been looking forward to, sometimes comes more potential for criminal activities and more reasons for all of us to keep our eyes open.
The Broad Channel Civic noted that they “received report from resident that on (Friday, June 19) there were two men who were found inside a resident’s yard without permission. They had weedwackers and were acting like they were doing work. No one had hired them to do any such work and when questioned they fled in a red dodge pickup. Description was ‘two male blacks, unknown age’. NYPD was called and police were searching the area. No arrests made at this time. If anyone sees suspicious activity they should call 911 (not the precinct) to ensure immediate response.”
Got BC news? Send it to
Thanks for reading.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Message from the BCVFD

June 2015


The BCVFD wants to remind our neighbors that June 14th was the 98th anniversary of the Line of Duty Death of BCVFD Chief Christian Hoobs. Chief Hoobs was one of the founding members of the Department. The Chief suffered a fatal heart attack returning from a working fire. 

Our annual fund drive first sweep of the town was completed in May. As of this date 237 donations were received out of the 936 households in Broad Channel. 25% of the town has responded to date. 

Because this is the BCAC Mardi Gras, we will not be going back out door to door until September but we will be accepting donations via the mail or if you wish to stop by and visit.

On the building front, our finalized plans were submitted June 19th for final review from DASNY/NYSDOT and we expect the job to be bid let in September. 

Utilizing funding from the FHA sponsored by Clinton and Weiner, FEMA resources, a few grants from Audrey Pheffer and Huntley, and funds the BCVFD has dedicated from many Mardi Gras and loans we should see a November/December construction start. We also have acquired some FEMA funds to repair the 15 Noel Road building for our interim use and possible future career.

Dan McIntyre, President


State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo

June 22, 2015

                           For Immediate Release


Queens, NY (June 22, 2015): In recognition of the extraordinary public
service provided by members of volunteer fire departments and ambulance
companies, NYS Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. recently joined with his
Senate colleagues in passing legislation to help these volunteers save
money on taxes, receive greater and improved timely benefits, and gain
access to new educational opportunities.

Having five volunteer fire departments in his district, Addabbo noted,
“Night and day, 365 days a year, our volunteer fire departments and
ambulance companies stand ready, willing and able to respond to emergencies
and save the lives of others, often while putting their own health and
safety at risk.”  He added,   “Volunteerism is a vital and welcome calling
in our communities, and it is fitting that we take steps to assist and
recognize the efforts of our volunteer fire departments and ambulance
companies as they give selflessly of themselves to all of us.”

The package of legislation recently approved by the State Senate to aid
volunteer fire departments and ambulance companies is as follows:

S.1000, which is co-sponsored by Addabbo, would provide for an automatic
annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) to disability benefits received by
volunteer firefighters.  In 1998, the State Legislature raised the benefit
level for firefighters with permanent total disabilities to a maximum of
$400 a week regardless of their date of injury, and this bill seeks to
address inflation and aid disabled firefighters who are struggling to live
on fixed incomes.

S.2727 would allow volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers to receive
both personal income tax credits of up to $200 and real property tax
exemptions of up to $3000 off the assessed value of their homes.  In recent
years, both the state and local governments have offered tax incentives for
the express purpose of promoting volunteerism in the emergency services
field, but volunteers have had to choose between personal income tax
benefits or real property tax breaks.  This legislation would make
volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers eligible for both programs.

S.3126 would require the state university trustees to develop guidelines
for a service learning, internship or independent study program to enable
budding volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers to get academic credit
for their activities through SUNY schools and community colleges. By
combining community service and academic learning, the new program would
help to encourage greater volunteerism, particularly among college students
who might not otherwise have the time or opportunity to join a volunteer
fire or ambulance company.

S.888 would require that death benefits provided to the surviving
beneficiary of a volunteer firefighter or ambulance worker who died in the
line of duty be paid out within 90 days of the filing of the benefits
application.  This will allow adequate time to determine the facts of the
injury or death and would help to ensure that claims are processed more
expeditiously.  In one known case, a benefits claim for a widow took two
and a half years to come through, and she came close to losing her home.

S.4149 would extend a law affecting volunteer firefighters which creates a
presumption that certain lung diseases leading to their disability or death
of the firefighters were incurred in the performance of their duties. The
bill extends this law, initially enacted in 2006, through June 30, 2020.

“This package of legislation addresses a number of issues that matter to
our volunteer firefighters and ambulance squad members,” said Addabbo.  “By
creating incentives for volunteerism – whether through tax breaks or new
learning opportunities – we will be able to build a more robust network of
dedicated men and women who unselfishly give of their time and talents to
serve others in their times of greatest need.  In addition, by helping to
ensure adequate benefits for volunteer first responders who are injured or
killed in the line of duty, we are showing respect for the most vital needs
of some of our most dedicated community volunteers and their families. I
thank all vollies for their efforts to secure the safety, health and well
being of others.”

The bill extending the law affecting lung disease benefits for firefighters
has been approved by the Senate and the Assembly, and will soon go to the
Governor for his consideration.  The other bills, having passed the Senate,
are under consideration by several different Assembly committees.


NWS: Hazardous Weather Outlook

Hazardous Weather Outlook

337 AM EDT MON JUN 22 2015

337 AM EDT MON JUN 22 2015






June 25th - Broad Channel Civic Association Meeting

                                                 BROAD CHANNEL CIVIC NEWSLETTER FOR JUNE
                                                              CIVIC ASSOCIATION MEETING
                                          ***** VFW Hall – Shad Creek Road – 7:00 PM *****
                                                                    **** *June 25, 2015*****

President’s Message

This month's Civic meeting will be held on Thursday, June 25th at 7 PM at the VFW Hall. It will be the last Civic meeting until September!

The 17th Road Park looks great after a beautification event last Monday. NYC Parks brought roses, plants, mulch and tools, along with workers, and local residents came out to volunteer their time and effort to bring some much needed "color" to our park. Also in attendance and helping out were the American Littoral Society's Restoration Corp's who were a big help in digging the dozens of pits for the plants. All told, over one hundred roses and daisy bushes were planted, along with a spruce tree. It has really "greened" up the park! Once the roses start to bloom it will really be an impressive site and the Civic Association wants to thank the new Parks Administrator for Rockaway and Broad Channel, Portia Dyrenforthe, for reaching out and organizing the event.
Speaking of "Green Events", the Civic Association will see a presentation by the National Parks Service on their plans for the North and South Gardens, at the Wildlife Refuge, now that they have received a $500,000 grant to improve these areas. The areas have been in need of attention for years with the invasive vines that have taken over much of the area. These vines kill off all of the natural vegetation and NPS will discuss their plans for removing these vines as well as their efforts to improve the experience in these areas with new plants and trees. Locals have been pushing the NPS to take a more active role in this area and we are pleased that the new Superintendent,Jennifer Neresian, has heard this request and is acting on it.

After disturbing reports, most notable in the 60 minutes series, of wide spread fraud in the National Flood Insurance Agency regarding Insurance companies INTENTIONALLY underpaying flood damaged residents for their damaged homes, FEMA has reopened all Flood Insurance Claims. Many residents are confused as to what this means for them or how to proceed if you feel that you were cheated by this massive scam. The Civic meeting will see a second presentation by William Kelly of the law firm McCarthy/Kelly. Mr. Kelly will give a background to the history on this fraud and the decision by FEMA to take this unprecedented step of re-opening all flood claims and will also give residents advice on how they can proceed. It is highly recommended that anyone who is convinced that they were affected by this fraud sit in and listen to this presentation.

Build it Back update - The critical "Special Regulations for Neighborhood Recovery Text Amendment" that this Civic Association was heavily involved in pushing for has passed the Planning Commission and has been sent to the City Council for adoption. This is a critical zoning change that will make it much easier for residents to rebuild or elevate particularly if your home does not conform to early city maps, ( i.e. Sanborn atlas maps), which had been creating huge delays. This text should resolve those issues and allow residents to move forward.
In addition Build it Back has released a deadline to ensure that all homeowners can move forward into a program pathway this year. Build it Back is setting a deadline for homeowners to complete their applications. By June 30, 2015:

• Applicants must submit all documents for eligibility determination; and
• Applicants pending a damage assessment must schedule one with Build it Back.

Build it Back states "we are currently reaching out to these applicants to notify them of the deadline. If they are interested in continuing, we will have field staff available throughout the month of June providing assistance and free counseling. We will also send out final notices to all homeowners currently marked as withdrawn (a population verified through our recent outreach campaign) to notify them that they will officially leave the program if they do not complete their applications by June 30."

A Build it Back Rep will be at the meeting for any questions. 

Quote of the Month – “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter..” -- Mark Twain

Respectfully submitted, 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer 2015 starts today!

Dude, it's summer!

You wouldn't know it with the cool wind and rain that is sitting on top of us here in Broad Chanel but the summer solstice occurs today, Sunday, June 21st, at 12:58 p.m. and our 2015 summer season will officially begin.

You do remember summer, don't you?

Hair gets lighter...
Skin gets darker...
Water gets warmer...
Drinks get colder...
Music gets louder...
Days get shorter...
Nights get longer...
Life gets better...!

We only have 94 days of summer left so let's get out there and enjoy them!

Broad Channel VFW Brunch - June 28th

VFW Prince-Wynn Post #260
705 Shad Creek Road
Broad Channel

June 28th, 2014
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

As I always say, there are so many reasons to love brunch -- most importantly is the simple fact that any meal which has a Bloody Mary as its "MVP" is a meal worth getting up and out for....and...the food's not bad either!