Monday, October 20, 2014

Verizon workers on W12thRd to replace uility poles

Shortly after 3:00 pm, Verizon trucks, poles and workers arrived on West 12th Road to start the process of installation of new utility poles.

By 4:30 pm they had already started excavation for placement of a new relocated utility pole at the end of W12thRd. 

Message from Rebecca Elliott, PhD candidate, UC Berkeley

Rebecca Elliott

Hello All....

My name is Rebecca Elliott and I am a PhD candidate in sociology at UC Berkeley.

My dissertation examines ongoing efforts to price disaster, with an empirical focus on insurance institutions and the financial management of flood risk from rising sea levels. My fieldwork focuses on how recent changes to flood insurance are affecting New York City.

I'm currently serving as the Flood Insurance Expert for Zone A New York, a non profit organization helping to rebuild, relocate and return people to their homes after Hurricane Sandy. 

I'm interested in talking to residents of Broad Channel and neighboring areas about their experiences dealing with flood insurance following Sandy as well as the recent changes to flood maps and to the National Flood Insurance Program.

I will be in New York through November 6th.  If you are interested in participating in my research I can be reached via:



by calling: 703.927.0283

Best wishes,


Mayor De Blasio visits Broad Channel to speak about Build It Back Program

CBS New York

Mayor Bill de Blasio announces latest Build It Back program achievements, goals. (Credit: Sonia Rincon/1010 WINS)
Mayor Bill de Blasio announces latest Build It Back program achievements, goals. (Credit: Sonia Rincon/1010 WINS)

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New York City’s Build it Back program to help residents recover from Superstorm Sandy has made some major progress, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio.
The mayor was in Broad Channel, Queens on Monday to announce the program’s achievements as well as outline future goals.
De Blasio said to date, the Sandy recovery program has seen a total 727 construction starts and 878 reimbursement checks sent out.
That’s compared to none earlier this year when de Blasio had unveiled a plan to overhaul Build it Back in an effort to cut through red tape and get help to those who were impacted by Sandy’s wrath.
“And we know that this is not abstract. We know that every check means a family is getting back on their feet. Every construction start means a family will get back in their homes,” de Blasio said.
According to the de Blasio administration, nearly half of the program’s 6,400 active applicants have been made an offer, compared to 451 at the beginning of 2014. Nearly 4,000 have accepted an offer from the program and more than 1,500 have started design, the administration said.
De Blasio spoke outside of the home of Jayme and John Galimi, which was destroyed by Sandy and is being rebuilt and raised through Build it Back.
“It’s been a tough two years,” John Galimi told 1010 WINS. “Just like everybody else we lost everything.”
The Galimi family is expected to return home by Christmas. John Galimi said the reforms to Build it Back made that possible and urged others to enroll.
“I know most people didn’t get a lot of insurance, they’re devastated…But you gotta enroll and you gotta keep pushing forward,” he said.
Broad Channel Civic Association President Dan Mundy credited Housing Recovery Office Director Amy Peterson with helping families like the Galimis to get through the red tape and make the program work for homeowners.
“We brought up issues like how come people can’t use the insurance proceeds to survive and pay rent. She said ‘that’s a great point, we’re changing that tomorrow,'” Mundy said of Peterson.
As the two year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy approaches, Mayor de Blasio said he hopes to have at least 1,000 construction starts and 1,500 reimbursement checks by the end of the year.
The mayor also announced plans to dramatically expand the program’s design and construction capacity. The city is expected to release a new request for proposals on how to best expand capacity in the coming weeks.

Mayor de Blasio holds Build it Back press conference with the Galimi Family in Broad Channel

Photo by: Lauren Mecir Prokopwicz

Mayor de Blasio was in Broad Channel earlier today visiting the Galime family residience on Cross Bay Boulevard which is currently being rebuilt by Build it Back after being destroyed by Sandy 2 years ago.

Dan Mundy Jr., President of the Broad Channel Civic Association, attended the press conference and stated, "There is a lot that has not gone right with the program but Amy Petersen and her group have changed a lot and I think the program is getting better."

The New York Times wrote a stpory about the Galmili's struggle with Build it Back back in September.  You can read it here.

Broad Channel Civic Association Newsletter: Presidents Message


***** VFW Hall – Shad Creek Road – 7:00 PM *****
October 23, 2014

This issue of the Newsletter is sponsored by
Hillebrand Funeral Homes.

President’s Message
The next Civic meeting is Thursday, October 23rd at 7 pm at the VFW Hall -Hope to see many of you there!

Flood Insurance continues to be a big issue for coastal communities and when the new Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS) are officially adopted thousands of more homeowners will be "mapped" into designated flood zones. As we all know the Biggerts Waters law was a disaster and imposed massive rate hikes on flood insurance premiums. Proponents of that law claimed that flood insurance was a program in debt and that the general public was being forced to subsidize the premiums. Forget the fact that the program ran in the "Black" (fully paid for itself) from its inception until hurricane Katrina, when wide spread waste was the biggest culprit, or the fact that the insurance companies profited at obscene rates, perhaps the most disturbing fact that refutes this assertion is that in any year that there was a surplus in the FEMA ran Flood Program it went back to the general fund, in essence another tax on the homeowner.

We all fought for a change and the ability to have congress come together and pass such a law, the Flood Insurance Affordability Act, within a year and with this extremely divided Congress was a testament to the grassroots efforts put forth here and across the country. The Affordability Act is not a perfect Bill and we will work hard to see it includes further protections for homeowners when it is reauthorized in 2017. One of the central points on the law is that flood insurance premiums, for primary homes, cannot raise beyond 18% when renewing in any given year. Some homeowners have seen increases beyond that cap and if you are one of them we have established a liaison within Senator Schumer’s office in order to have a recourse for homeowners to get an officially inquiry about premiums that have risen above the 18% level on renewal for their primary residence. The contact for this is Julietta Lopez at Senator Schumer's office and her email is

The street raising project, on West 11th, 12th, and 13th Roads is well underway with cofferdams being constructed on West 12th and West 13th Roads at this time. The cofferdams will be temporary half-moon shaped walls which will allow the end of the streets to remain free of water.  They use giant pumps to remove the seawater in order to allow the end of street bulkheads to be constructed. The construction Liaison, Fern Weindrich, is onsite every day located at 59 West 12th Road (in the last house on the right on West 12th Road) for any issues that may arise.

On October 15th another Jamaica Bay Taskforce Meeting was held and it was a very interesting night. Five presentations were given on topic that ranged from large scale oyster projects planned for the Bay to the new Science and Resiliency Center that will soon be established to help further promote the ecology and resilience efforts around the Bay. Very encouraging to see so many positive developments focused around the Bay. If you were unable to attend the meeting the Power Point presentations can be viewed at  links provided here ---

The side street repaving  is completed at this time and it is a great improvement to our roads that were in severe need of an upgrade. We are still waiting to hear back from DOT about the Boulevard from East 1st to East 5th Roads. We are hoping that it will be funded by FEMA after DOT put in a request for them to reevaluate their decision to skip this portion when the rest of the Boulevard was being done.

The Civic Association continues to push the Build it Back program to address the many shortcomings that we continue to hear about. They have responded  and changed a number of  protocols within the program based on our input. Currently we are working with them to address Dept. of Building issues that are slowing down the design portion of the program. Hope to have an update at the Civic meeting .

The Broad Channel Christmas lights have been a real great addition to the town over the last two years during the Holiday Season. The lights are on display as a result of the efforts of Stephanie Wagner who has run a number of fund raisers to pay for the costs of having them installed. Once again she is stepping up to take on this challenge and we ask that you support her efforts. There will be a fundraiser at the Bungalow Bar on November 22 at which time the raffle will be drawn for the $5000 chance. This chance is one way to help support this effort. The cost is $50 and only 400 tickets will be sold in addition there will be 10 additional cash prizes drawn. Raffle to be drawn at the Bungalow Bay Saturday Nove 22 at 8 pm --Drink specials and Dj all night --Contact Stephanie Wagner to purchase your tickets!Payment can be collected by cash, check OR through the Chase banking app!
$500 Prize to Seller of Winning Ticket... Contact Stephanie if you are interested in selling!
E-Mail:   or Text: 718.925.7950---Donations for the fund can also be made at: Send a Check Payable to the BCAC to:
Attn: Stephanie Wagner
79 West 18th Road
Broad Channel, NY 11693

Quote of the Month  --“ Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment "--- Unknown  

Respectfully submitted, 
Dan Mundy Jr.

Relocation of Verizon Utility Poles on West 12th Road

There are presently eight (8) utiliy poles located on the south side of West 12th Road.  Responsibility
for individual utility poles is shared between Verizon, which is responsbile for six (6) of the poles, and Con Edison which is responsible for the remaining (2) poles.

Jonathan F. Sestak, Supervisor for Verizon Corporate Technology Network Engineering has advised that Verizon work crews will be installing (6) new utility poles on the south side of West 12th Road and then relocating service equipment from the old poles to the new ones possibly starting as early as this afternoon.

According to Mr. Sestak, Verizon hopes to complete this work within a 2 week period, weather permitting, working Monday through Friday.

Loss of Verizon service is not expected during this work.

 Verizon Contact Information

Jonathan F. Sestak
Verizon Corporate Technology
Supervisor - Network Engineering
Phone: 516.408.9108
Mobile: 718.938.7649

NOTE: Con Edison has not made its schedule for relocation and replacement of exisiting service and equipment to new the (2) utility poles under their jurisdiction at this time.

W12thRd Weekly Construction Bulletin (Monday, October 20th, 2014)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Hurricane Gonzalo: Final Advisory

[AS OF  5:00 AM,  SATURDAY,  OCTOBER 18th, 2014]

Storm Name:  "Gonzalo" [7th "named" storm of the 2014 hurricane season]

Classification:  Category 2 Hurricane

Sustained Wind Speeds:  105 mph 

Pressure:   955mb/28.20 inches

Movement:  NNE at 22 mph

Present Location:  190 miles NNE of Bermuda

Distance from Broad Channel:   704 miles ESE

Storm's Status:   Gonzalo has weakened to a Category 2 Hurricane and, presently north of Bermuda,               is the storm is now well out to sea, some  700+ ESE of our area here in Broad Channel, and will pass north of our latitude later today.

Impact in our Broad Channel area:  Miminmal (possible rough surf and rip currents)

Wind/Rain:  None forecast at this time

Storm Surge:  None forecast

Coastal Flooding:  None forecast

Surf/Rip Currents:  Rough surf and rip currents possible today at local beaches.

[This will serve as the final advisory on Hurricane Gonzalo]

Friday, October 17, 2014

Category 3 Hurricane Gonzalo: Advisory 5

[AS OF  11:00 AM,  FRIDAY,  OCTOBER 17th, 2014]

Storm Name:  "Gonzalo" [7th "named" storm of the 2014 hurricane season]

Classification:  Category 3 Hurricane

Sustained Wind Speeds:  125 mph 

Pressure:   947mb/27.97 inches

Movement:  NNE at 16 mph

Present Location:  150 miles SSW of Bermuda

Distance from Broad Channel:  SE 826 miles

Storm's Status:   Gonzalo has weakened slightly and is  now a still dangerous Category 3 Hurricane and although forecast to slowly weaken, Gonzalo is fast approaching Bermuda and is expected to impact Bermuda later today with damaging winds and a life theatening storm surge (10+  feet) accompanied by wave heights in excess of 20 feet.

Gonzalo is now only 800+ SE of our area here in Broad Channel but, thankfully, is forecasted to remain well offshore and quickly weaken further after it strikes Bermuda and ultimately passes our area this weekend.

Impact in our Broad Channel area:  Miminmal (possible rough surf and rip currents)

Wind/Rain:  None forecast at this time

Storm Surge:  None forecast

Coastal Flooding:  None forecast

Surf/Rip Currents:  Rough surf and rip currents possible Friday into Saturday at local beaches.


Mike Keenan, who I used to work with in City Corections, now lives on the coast near Somserset Village, Bermuda.  He relocated to Hamilton early yesterday to ride out the storm with friends.  He provided me with this link to a live webcam broadcast from the former Naval Dockyard on Ireland Island in Sandy's Parish.  He said this is the first time he has seen the docks and mooring at the former dockyard so empty.

[Click Here to View Live Port Bermuda WebCam]

100th Precinct Community Council Meeting" (Wed. Oct, 22nd)

100th Precinct Community
Council Meeting

President 100th Precinct Community Council
Danny Ruscillo Jr.  

***Cop Of The Month Awards***

Will Be Presented To The 100th Precinct And Transit District 23

***Our Guest Speaker***

An Officer Of The N.Y.P.D. Sexual Offenders Monitoring Unit will be present this month since they could not attend last month’s Community Council meeting.


Wed October 22nd 2014 
Time - 7:30 PM

Location – The Macedonia Baptist Church
330 Beach 67th Street In Arverne 

Come Ask Questions Get Involved!!